We help service providers buy back time

by creating efficient and effective systems, leveraging technology and automation, and building a dream team to sustain the operations of the business. 

Who Are We

Sagehill Insights is a company that helps service providers who are coaches, consultants, and freelancers organize and automate their business. We create strategic scaling systems for your back-end business so you can focus on impact- & income-generating activities. We do this by leveraging our framework and signature processes to help you level up your consulting business in the areas of:

  • Client Experience
  • Back Office Operations
  • Team Onboarding and Support

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My business has structure, it has expanded, and is much easier to maneuver. I am more efficient, productive, and more available to my clients.

Gigi Caseneuve ‚óŹ Real Estate Professional


Creating excellent value for our clients through our unique style of delivery

Leveraging our unique framework to deliver methods to create sound operations, efficient systems, streamlined processes, and easy team member onboarding.

Strategy Consulting

We help you come up with a plan to bring your vision to life. 

Project Management

We provide a lending hand and lift the heavy load to creating systems. 

Training Development

Educational resources to help you learn additional skills.

Starting Automating & Scaling Your Business


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