Systems Strategy Session

tailored systems planning experience that delivers impactful strategy.

You can't even begin to think about creating a strategy for your business systems...but you know you need it.

You know you need to start creating systems in your business, but can't begin to think on where to start. Now you can't sleep, you're losing money and time and can't expand your business. Walk away with a systems strategy that you can hit the ground running and implement. 

No one wants to think about it, but it truly is the elephant in the room. And that elephant is only going to get bigger and harder to ignore as you grow you business.

Right now things are going well. You have a great service that you provide and your clients are loving you for the transformation. 

Now you find yourself doing redundant tasks and now see that your results are not the same every time you execute the task. Or...

You want to leverage automation and hire team members to take the load off but you don't want to hire blindly and cause extra stress. 

What we can do during your session

The options of how we structure your systems session are endless and tailored towards your specific needs

On the spot systems review

We can login to your system and see how it's currently setup and if it is setup for the vision you have for your business. 

Process Mapping

We can take your current process from brain to paper and into a system you can build on for your business. 

System Audit or Creation

Review your current systems process or create a system for your process so your results can be efficient and predictable. 




What's included

Your session comes with the following:

  • Access to our recorded session
  • Custom Recap Guide
  • Access to all collateral created in the call
  • Detailed project plan to implement your system after the call
  • 14 days access to the  Sagehill Team via Slack

Here's the guide to our time together

Easy. Simple. Well worth your time


Book Your Session Day

First, you'll 2-hour strategy session day and make payment to secure your date. When completing your form, you'll be able to share what you'd like to strategize on during the call when you book. We can focus on marketing strategy, client fulfillment strategy, and more.



Our team will use your responses from your application to best prepare for your strategy session day. This allows us to MAXIMIZE our time together so you can leave with confidence in your DIY implementation plan after our time together. 


Session Day

The big day has arrived. You will log in to your personal link to start your strategy session. We'll discuss your challenges, the best solutions to fit your budget, and outline your executable implementation plan. Additionally, we'll identify current and future team members who can own the process so you can scale your business. 


Recap & Repeat (if needed)

Once our session is complete, you'll receive a recap guide with access to our call recording and action steps so you can further implement what we covered together. We'll be following up two weeks after our call to check in because accountability is key and you value money and don't waste time or money. 

Frequently asked questions

How long is each session?

The session is 2-hours long and we'll cover as much strategy we can during that time.  You have the option to focus solely on strategy, system audit, or strategy for system implementation. 

What is the cost of the investment?

The investment for a systems session is $747. If you want more sessions, as a thank you for being a returning client, future sessions will have special pricing. 

What can this session help me with?

We can help with strategizing anything in your business that will help you get your systems in order. Whether that's structuring your cloud storage organization, marketing process, recurring tasks, creating new job descriptions, automating some processes...the possibilities are endless. The focus is on helping you identify and achieve your systems and freedom goals during our session(s).

Will I need more than one session?

Naturally, we can't implement everything is a business in one session. Depending on the complexity of your service, processes and automations, multiple sessions may be needed. Some clients may only need one session because they only need help with a few things while another client may need multiple sessions to setup each phase of their entire client process. It honestly depends on how much setup you need and we truly won't know how much setup you need until we have your first session. 

Can I just hire you for a full system setup?

Absolutely! If you prefer to collaborate on creating the strategy for your business and completely handing off the implementation and system creation to our team, we can definitely do that! Please contact us at hello@sagehillinsights for more information regarding that service. 

Rather have guidance with implementing your system plan?

Our VIP Day would be perfect for you.

Not sure about which service would be best?